It’s the weekend, Are you bored of going to your usual watering hole and hanging out with the same people?

Well, Don’t Worry, SFLIFE.CO has the latest scoop on what’s good to do in Bangalore, this weekend.


In a new avatar, by a bunch of young promoters, The Bangalore Pub Crawl 2014,  is almost here.

The crawl takes you through four of the city’s hottest pubs to experience the Indiranagar 100 Ft strip like never before, namely Troika, Puma Social Club, Vapour and The Humming Tree. The night promises to include a  round of Beer Pong,  free pool, fooseball, live music and a bartending demonstration.

The Bangalore Pub Crawl 2014

The Bangalore Pub Crawl 2014

And we haven’t told you about the free drinks yet!

Over the course of the night the crwal will have free beer and shots lined up at each pub and if that isn’t enough, there is a 50% discount on drinks to follow.

With pub crawls, it’s less of the what and the where and the how It’s more of the you and the me and the now.

Pub Crawl #1 : Indiranagar Strip 18th (Saturday) January 6:00 – 11:00

Pub Crawl #2: Indiranagar Take Down 19th (Sunday) January 6:00 – 11:00

Pub Crawl #3: The Final Conquest 25th (Saturday) January 6:00 – 11:00

Price per head, per crawl – Rs.1000

For More Information Please call +91 93416 21228

Yes, the pub city of India in the past has seen different variations of it, from Arun Pai’s Bangalore Walks doing a Pub Crawl to Vh1 India doing a Pub Crawl Bus across the center of the city, to a new organised method.


Let’s see how it goes. We wish them all the best.

But in case you’re a stickler for details:

The most important one – 21 or over. Sorry, kiddos.


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